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    The GLOBAL ORGANIZATION OF PEOPLE OF INDIAN ORIGIN (GOPIO) a été fondé en 1989. A l'origine, le GOPIO luttait contre les violations des droits de l'homme touchant les personnes d'origine indienne (PIO). Aujourd'hui, le GOPIO s'oriente vers une mutualisation des moyens financiers et professionnels au bénéfice des PIO.

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Programme of the Visit of Vayalar Ravi


Global Organization of People of Indian Origin


28 and 29 May 2011


Friday 27 May 2011


17h30                                      Symposium on “Indian Creole Heritage”


Saturday 28 May 2011


13h50                          Welcome of Honorable Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs & Civil Aviation, Vayalar  Ravi at  Pointe à Pitre Pôle Caraïbes Airport

14h45                           Inauguration of the Indian Memorial at “maison coloniale zévallos” – LE MOULE

19h00                          Gala Dinner at “Salle Briz Zabarelle section Boisvin” – LE MOULE


Sunday 29 May 2011


8h00                             Business Breakfast with the honorable Minister Vayalar Ravi – by invitation only

9h30                             Honoring the memory of Mahatma GANDHI at “Saint François Gandhi Memorial”

10h00                          Conference “Doing Business with India: Meeting with Guadeloupe business community” at Salle Robert LOYSON

11h30                           Honoring the memory of Henri SIDAMBAROM at Capesterre Belle Eau

12h30                           Lunch à Capesterre Belle Eau

16h30                           Departure of the honorable Minister Vayalar Ravi to Trinidad & Tobago



First visit of an Indian Minister to Guadeloupe

Vayalar Ravi, Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs

GOPIO GUADELOUPE will be welcoming Mr. Vayalar Ravi, Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs  & Civil Aviation in Guadeloupe for the « First Meeting of Overseas Indians in the Caribbean », to be held on May 28 & 29, 2011.

This is a major event of historical importance.

It is actually one of GOPIO GUADELOUPE’s aims to promote active interactions between English-speaking and French-speaking indian communities in the Caribbean area.

Indeed, after more than 150 years since the arrival of the first Indian « indentured workers » in the « French colony of Guadeloupe » on board the ship Aurélie in the night between December 24th and 25th 1854, the Caribbean people coming from Gandhi’s land never met.

This first meeting will have key moments, in particular the participation of Rhold Pelage who will pay tribute to Henry Sidambarom, his great grandfather, an Indian man born in Guadeloupe who dedicated his life to social justice and led a major political fight granting civil rights to people of Indian origin.

Thanks to this event, for the first time a Minister of the Indian government and delegations from the Caribbean region, the Indian Ocean area and South America will come to Guadeloupe.

It is also a strong sign responding to Mr. Vayalar Ravi’s commitment to bring India closer to its « old diaspora » for whom a memorial and a museum are set to be constructed in Kolkata.

Finally, GOPIO GUADELOUPE wants to express its gratitude, on behalf of the Indo-caribbean people, to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Her Excellency Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil for their benevolence.